Case Study : 96% recovery/recycling on packaging waste - meeting our responsibilities


Across all our sites we are continuously exploring ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our Supply Chain business, because of its nature, creates packing waste which, in the past would have gone to landfill.


  • Under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 and 2015, Uniphar, like all suppliers/producers of packaging and packaged products is required to fund the recovery and recycling of their used packaging.
  • As a Group. Uniphar has been proactive in this area, as a member of Repak, an Irish not for profit packaging recycling scheme, since 1999.
  • WUniphar works with Repak to find the best solution for all our packaging waste.


  • In 2018, we had a 96% of recovery/recycling rate on all packaging. The national average is 93%.
  • Of this 54% was recycled and 42% was diverted from landfill and towards other productive uses.
  • The recovered fraction was diverted from landfill by shredding and processing the material into solid recovered fuel (SRF), used as a fuel in cement manufacturing. Only material which cannot be recycled or recovered is consigned to landfill.

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