Uniphar’s Charity Partners

During 2022, we launched Unity@Uniphar to act as an umbrella for inclusivity, community and charitable activities that Uniphar colleagues get involved in across all divisions and geographies. This year, we worked together on two key initiatives – Unity for Ukraine and Unity for Hope. Unity for Ukraine raised funds, medical equipment and other healthcare materials to send to Ukraine to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by the war that began in 2022. Colleagues from across the business worked with suppliers, manufacturers and customers to provide medicines, PPE and medical devices to the value of approximately €880k.

Our second major initiative was Unity for Hope (formerly called Relay for Hope), which is now in its third year of raising money for cancer charities around the world. This is an activity-based challenge that encourages teams to raise their stepcounts. In 2022, we collectively covered more than one million steps with colleagues around the world organising everything from walks on Australian beaches to sea swimming to walking tours of Washington DC. Altogether, a total of €150k was raised for our chosen cancer causes in Ireland, Europe and the US.


Active Community Support

Supporting our communities is at the core of what we do. Across each of our three divisions, Uniphar provides vital medicines, the highest quality medical devices and access to life saving drugs both nationally and across the globe. During 2022, our teams continued to support our customers and our communities through the pandemic ensuring pharmacies and hospitals were supplied with the medicines and essential equipment they needed for their patients as well as mobilising teams for our pharma clients and sourcing and supplying unlicensed medicines to global markets. Uniphar also supports a variety of local community initiatives across each of our businesses and locations. During 2022, the Group sponsored a number of local and national events including the Irish women’s hockey under-21’s team and the under-23’s Five Nations tournament with Ukraine, the Netherlands, USA and India competing at the National Hockey Stadium, Dublin.


Customer Privacy & GDPR

We are committed to protecting the personal data that we process as part of our service provision. We ensure that customers can trust us to keep their personal data safe and that they have a clear understanding of how and why the data is used. Uniphar has a robust GDPR framework in place, to ensure that we are operating consistently across the organisation and in accordance with applicable laws.

The Group applies the following data protection principles:

  • Governance - We have appointed designated Data Protection Officers within each division. Their role is to monitor, advise and inform senior management regularly regarding compliance
  • Transparency - We are open and honest about how and what data we process. We only use personal information for specified fair and lawful purposes
  • Data Minimisation - We only collect necessary and relevant personal information
  • Accountability - We continually monitor and assess regulatory compliance. We provide training to all personnel
  • Retention - We do not retain personal information for longer than is necessary
  • Accuracy - We keep personal information accurate, complete, and up to date
  • Access Rights - We respect individuals’ rights and choices
  • Security - We use appropriate security safeguards to protect personal data
  • International Transfer - We ensure protection for international transfers of personal information
  • Privacy by Design - We implement appropriate measures to ensure the principles of privacy by design and default are embedded into our processes and systems
  • Risk Assessments - We evaluate new business processes to ensure that they do not present any risk to data subjects

The Group has a Privacy Policy which is available here and a Data Protection Policy which is available to the workforce.

Customer Welfare

The needs of our customers, the pharmacies, hospitals, manufacturers and patients we serve were paramount during 2022.Our can-do attitude coupled with our commitment to the highest standards of product quality and patient safety ensured this important item remained a priority throughout the year. Further details of our commitment to quality and ensuring patient safety are set out in our Governance, Quality and Compliance page.