Case Study : New Product Launch: Positive formulary* success in 100% of the targeted accounts within 8 months


  • New product launch
  • Limited market access capabilities in priority CCG/Health Boards
  • Short time frame to gain positive formulary positioning


  • OUTiCO intelligence used to prioritise key customer targets across 25 priority CCG/Health Boards
  • 3 OUTiCO Multi-Channel Account Managers deployed for 288 days over 8 months
  • 8 month project focused on a mixed payer group including Medicines Management, Commissioners and Chief Pharmacists


  • 100% of the 25 CCG/Health Board positively positioning product on formulary
  • Relevant database of key customers across all accounts
  • 82% coverage of cross functional Payer/HCP target list spanning 30 CCGs
  • Over 300 payer contacts during project duration
  • Formularies gained generated sales over 263k within first 12 months

*An official list giving details of prescribable medicines

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